Gastronomic Tour


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One of Joe Banana’s private, English speaking drivers will meet you at your accommodation in Amalfi for this food lover's day tour!

If you have an interest in the signature foods of the Campania Region, such as Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Mozzarella, Limoncello, and the famous Neapolitan Pizza Margherita, then this is the tour for you! 

Your day will begin with a drive along the magnificent Amalfi coast toward the famous resort town of Sorrento. Your food adventure will then begin in the countryside of Sorrento, where you will visit the Gargiulo Olive Oil Factory and learn how this base ingredient of Italian cuisine is made. This tour of the family farm includes seeing the former mills of 1849 with old millstones and learning of the ancient technique of olive oil pressing involving the metal press as well as the new mills with technology that is less fascinating, yet qualitatively safer. You will also have the opportunity to taste about 15 different types of extra virgin olive oil served with fresh baked bread. 

With your palate now awakened, you will continue on to the next culinary experience of this excursion, the local mozzarella farm where you will witness  a demonstration of the making of this classic cheese. For many, the best part of this demonstration is the tasting of the freshly made cheese that follows the demonstration. 

Your private driver will then take you to a local restaurant where you will build on your newly found knowledge and use two of the main ingredients in Italian cooking as you learn to make your own classic pizza margherita or a variation of it using your favorite toppings.  Authentic Neapolitan pizzas are made with local ingredients like San Marzano tomatoes which grow on the volcanic plains in the south part of Mount Vesuvius, the famous olive oil, and Mozzarella cheese. Once prepared, it will cook in a wood oven and you will then sit together to eat your culinary masterpieces. To help with digestion, a shot of the Amalfi Coast’s famous limoncello will complete this culinary experience. 

You will then have time for a leisurely stroll through the historical centre of Sorrento during which time you can choose to shop, enjoy an espresso at a local bar, or just enjoy the quaint beauty of this resort town built on the Mediterranean Sea. 

On your way back to Amalfi, you will stop a couple of times along the coast so you can capture photos of one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world!


Your driver will then take you back to your accommodation in Amalfi.


We reserve the right to change the order in which we visit the sites. 

Gastronomic Tour

Olive oil tasting
Neapolitan Pizza