All Inclusive Donna Sofia, Sorrento, Pompeii and Positano

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Your day tour will start as one of Joe Banana’s English speaking drivers will pick you up at your accommodation.


You will soon find yourself driving down-hill directly through Positano, descending the winding one-way road, passing by many picturesque houses and shops, ultimately arriving in the heart of the town, "Piazza dei Mulini”.  This is the last point accessible by car, so here is where your driver will park and you will be able to walk downtown where all the streets lead to the seafront. 


Here you will have about one hour to discover this magnificent village best  known as "The Jewel of The Amalfi Coast” with its cathedral, ceramic shops, lemons, hand-made shoes and, of course, the typical "Positano fashion”. 


You will then drive up the hill above Positano in order to reach Sorrento, where you’ll stop right in the main square. You will have around one hour free time to shop in the scenic alleyways, or to explore this beautiful resort town built as a terrace on the Mediterranean sea, before your restaurant reservation at “Donna Sofia”. Your lunch will start with appetizers including: Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, eggplant parmigiana, tomato salad with fresh basil and many other things you will fall in love with, if you like Italian food. You will then move on to your pasta dishes (homemade pasta) which could be ravioli, cannelloni or gnocchi (potato dumplings). Save a little space for the delicious desserts of course followed by a shot of limoncello (very famous lemon liquor made in Italy, typical of the Amalfi coast) which will work as a digestive. All drinks are included and without limit, and even the wine is homemade!.


You will then continue to the last stop of your tour: Pompeii. Here you will have the opportunity to tour one of the most important archeological sites in the world! Together with your private professionally licensed guide, you will explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site and be in awe as you see the ruins of this 1st century city which offer some insight into the Roman life that came to a premature stop after the Eruption of volcano Mt. Vesuvius, on 24 August AD 79.



After this memorable day, we will then drive back to your accommodation in Amalfi.


If we start our tour at 8.00/8.30am we'll be back by 5.00/5.30pm.


Visit Donna Sofia’s website: http://www.ristorantedonnasofia.com/en/







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All Inclusive Donna Sofia, Sorrento, Pompeii and Positano

Donna Sofia Restaurant