All Inclusive La Tagliata, Pompeii and Positano

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One of Joe Banana's English speaking drivers will meet you at your accommodation in Sorrento. 

After about a one hour drive, you will arrive at the ruins of Pompeii. This, the largest archaeological site in Europe, is the first stop on this breathtaking excursion!

Your private, licensed guide will greet you upon arrival and then lead you on a two hour tour of this ancient Roman town where life came to a premature end on 24 August 79 A.D.

After this amazing archeological experience, you will drive to our next destination of the day, Positano. To reach this famous town along the Amalfi Coast, we will drive along both the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast roads where we will stop a couple of times to capture photos of the magnificent coastlines. 

You will then find ourselves driving down-hill directly through Positano where we will descend down the winding one-way road, passing by many picturesque houses and shops, and ultimately arrive in the heart of the town, at “Piazza dei Mulini”. This is the last point accessible by car, so this is where we will park our car and from here your will be able to walk downtown where all the streets lead to the waterfront.

Here we can have about one hour and a half to explore this beautiful village denominated “The Jewel of The Amalfi Coast”.

Positano has beautiful things to see: the cathedral, ceramic shops, lemons, hand-made shoes and, of course, “Positano fashion”. 

We will then drive up on the hill above Positano where our table with a view is already booked and waiting for us. Our lunch starts with appetizers including: Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, eggplant parmigiana, tomato salad with fresh basil and many other things that you'll love if you like Italian food.

Then we have the pasta (homemade pasta) such as: ravioli, cannelloni, gnocchi (potato dumplings) and finally mamma pasta which is a delicious dish. Save a little space for the "dolci deliziosi" (delicious desserts), all made by mamma (the owner of the restaurant). Of course after the desserts we usually have a shot of limoncello (very famous lemon liquor made in Italy, specifically the Amalfi coast) which aids as a digestive.  All drinks are included and without limit, by the way even the wine is homemade.

After the visit in Positano we'll drive about 40 minutes along the scenic Amalfi Coast to arrive back in Sorrento.

All Inclusive La Tagliata, Pompeii and Positano

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