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One of Joe Banana’s English speaking drivers will meet you at the port in Civitavecchia. He will be waiting at the gangway of your cruise ship, holding a sign with your name on it. 


Leaving the port in the morning with your private driver, we'll travel northeast through the countryside and after approximately forty-five minutes, we will arrive in the Etruscan town of Tuscania (which is NOT the Italian translation for Tuscany). A medieval town founded between 3000 and 2000 B.C., Tuscania is well known for its beautiful churches, but most notably for the Etruscan necropolis.


During your time in Tuscania, we will visit the local “Tuscanese” museum for about an hour, the interesting church of San Pietro for about 20 minutes and then on to Santa Maria Maggiore, a beautiful church that is half Christian and half Etruscan, where sacred and profane match perfectly. 


Your private driver will then take you on about a 1 hour drive to reach the Bracciano Lake where you will have a chance to visit the magnificent “Castle on the Lake”. 


At this point, your driver will be happy to suggest a restaurant for lunch on your own where you can savor the local Italian cuisine. 


After which, we will transition to yet another interesting remnant of the Etruscan period, the biggest of all the Etruscan necropolii in the Mediterranean area “La Banditaccia” near Cerveteri. The oldest burials date back to the IX century B.C. and the most recent of the III century B.C. You will see that some of these are quite large as they represented the structure of the deceased person’s home. A 3-D re-construction will aid in your understanding of how the original necropolis was made. 


After this historically rich shore excursion, we will drive back to the port where you can board your ship. 

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Tuscania, Etruscans & Rome Lakes

Etruscan Necropolis
Lake Bracciano