Fifty Shades of Lemon from Naples port

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One of our driver will come to pick you up from Naples port to start this beautiful adventure. You'll be driven through the coast starting from Naples and you will have different photos opportunities before you get to the town of Amalfi. The coast is very scenic and vertical so it will be already a blast to be gently and wisely driven around, add the commentary of our driver/guide and you'll be able to see in every perspective one of the most breathtaking views in the world. You will then drive by Positano (without stopping in the center) and enjoy the highest views from the cliffs and after one and a half hour drive and different stops on the roads, you'll be taken through the town of Amalfi (only authorized vehicles can do it) and you'll be reaching the lemon yard at around 10:30 am. 

Mr. Salvatore and his family will host you in the oldest lemon farm of the whole area, you will grab lemons from the tree and get a knowledge of this nature delight like you've never had before. Lemon trees, lemons, lemonades, lemon cakes, limoncello and all has to do with it. A very smooth and feasible hike that will last in your memories forever. 

You will have free time in Amalfi on your own so you can visit also the most popular corners of the town. You can have lunch on your own there. 

After Amalfi our driver will come to pick you up (on foot) at the square so you can proceed your trip to Ravello. 

Our second stop will be in Scala, the oldest town on the Amalfi coast. In this place, there is no need to walk a lot, just enjoy the views, drive along and admire the beauty of Ravello from the highest spot which will let you realize the shape of this wonderful town (as Scala dominates with its height this last town). 

In Ravello our driver/guide will take you to the closest point to the center and from there he can give the best ideas for itineraries to follow. 

Our best suggestion would be to reach the gardens of Villa Cimbrone so you can reach the tip of this tongue of land. This historical villa of the 1300s, restored in the 1900s, has one of the most incredible views of southern Italy and it is immersed in beautiful English gardens with Italian plants. In order to reach this paradise, you need to walk 20 minutes each way. Your driver will be glad to help with info on how to reach it and will be waiting for you at the agreed time in the same spot he dropped you off. If you have no willing to reach the villa in Ravello you can also spend your time browsing around in the most popular part of the town. 

In one hour and fifteen minutes you'll be driven back to your hotel glad you have done an unforgettable experience among lemon yards, incredible sceneries and we hope you will be pleased all the time you'll remember this tour once you're home.




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Fifty Shades of Lemon from Naples port

Lemon yard